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English information

About us

Gdansk Water Foundation was established in 1995, within the framework of the LIFE – Baltique European Commission. Among our founders are institutions and organizations of Polish, France and Denmark.
Since 1995 GDANSK WATER FOUNDATION has been operating as a training centre for professionals connected to the environmental protection sector.


Main goals achieved in everyday work:

• dissemination of knowledge for the rational use of water,
• conducting professional trainings in fields related to environmental protection, in particular to water and wastewater management,
• enabling the exchange of information and contacts between water users, local government and state administration,
• undertaking diverse activities connected to the environmental education,
• enabling easier information exchange between scientific research centers and popularizing the results of their work,
• international cooperation serving the propagation of innovative technologies as well as the exchange, information and experience related to the environmental protection.

During the development of training programs Gdansk Water Foundation cooperates with and bases on the experience of specialists and experts from different knowledge domains.
Programs of trainings are developed by professional staff of Gdansk Water Foundation in cooperation with external experts.
Activities during trainings are conducted by professional staff of experts in specific domains of knowledge, after years of practice and experience. Using the occasion during courses, training materials including the résumé of discussed issues are disseminated.

Gdansk Water Foundation cooperates with organizations and European institutions to implement project results connected with water sector.


Trainings and seminars are directed to:

• administration – voivodeship offices, city offices, marshals’ offices, district offices, municipal offices, water and sanitation enterprise,
• municipal enterprises,
• sanitary inspection,
• veterinary inspection
• environmental inspection
• design offices
• contractors
• trading companies,
• swimming pools, Aquaparks,
• universities – educational units
• private research laboratories (physicochemical, microbiological) responsible for water and sewage
analysis, sewage sludge, cosmetics and food analysis

For more information please contakt with us: call +48 58 305 54 30 or email: alicja.ld@gfw.pl

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