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Gdansk Water Foundation (GFW) was established in 1995 as the training centre for professionals in water and wastewater sector.
It organizes ca. 50 trainings and seminars yearly for 800-1000 participants.

The aims of GFW (among others) are:

– dissemination of knowledge and good practices in water management,- realization of professional training in water and sewage sector

– cooperation with other countries to promote new innovative technologies,

– standards and exchange of experience,

– knowledge transfer and information in the field of water management.

Since 2002 GFW has been taking part in international projects related to water and sewage sector. Moreover, GFW has a wide experience (application, management, implementation, reporting) in international projects with partners from: China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Lithuania, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Republic of South Africa, Spain, Ukraine.

GFW took part in several projects realised under several Polish and EU programmes: Phare, Interreg IIIC, Asia Pro Eco I, LIFE+, FP7, LdV, Polish funds. GFW employees involved in the projects have over 10 years of experience in work in environmental engineering sector and in the international projects implementation and management. Furthermore, they are highly educated specialists in the field of chemistry, biology and sanitary engineering.

Statute of Gdansk Water Foundation consolidated text




Beata Szatkowska
Senior Specialist for training and international cooperation
Wastewater senior expert
tel. +48 506-516-424